Friday, April 9, 2010

Radio waves and mind machines

Mind Machine

I didn't get out of the cabin much today (except to take the photo above)... and I am realizing that I'm going to need to start taking breaks for walks on studio-intensive days so that I don't turn into the Cabin Recluse of Bernheim. But it was worth being The Recluse today, because I got so much prepared for my weekend shoots.

First of all, I finished building a wee crystal radio, and then took it all apart and rehoused it in a coffee can... and it works! Yay I can't really get any stations here on it... but I get some nice static! Tonight (*yawn* or maybe tomorrow morning) I'm going to make a bunch of little antennae and attach them to plants here at the arboretum. I'll ground my crystal radio into a big tree somewhere, hopefully in some sap, and then "tune in" to the other plants and see what's going on. I'll let you know what amazing things I hear, of course, in the video that I will make out of this performance.

Secondly, I created a special mind machine that I will use to turn myself into a human polygraph--this will allow me to access the internal knowledge of plants, which are (as I'm sure you already know) telepathic by nature. That will be profoundly useful, because I will be able to read the minds of of people, other plants, animals... I'm going to try to use the mind machine sometime this weekend as well. Again, I'll let you know the details of what happens once the video comes together! I have high hopes for my mind machine.

These explorations could maybe even turn into actual real-time performances that take place in the arboretum... and could be interactive. (Claude, I'm getting some ideas for a really weird public program!)


  1. Well...keep working on it and come to me when the really weird programs become really really weird. Or in lieu of the extra "really" at least one additional exclamation point at the end. And by the way, the tulip poplar told me that it wants you to know that pine sap is not the best conductor and that you should consult the buckeyes if you want the straight scoop from a radio friendly genera.

  2. Love this photo Julia! Your radio contraption already seems plant-like...but you already knew that! Did you learn anything from the redbuds?

  3. i love the picture, too. and when you make contact with the plants, please tell them i love them.

  4. This is neat! I feel like I'm on a vicarious residency!