Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mysterious nodes.

Soon I'm going to figure out what mysteries are hidden within the Cypress Knees. This will obviously require some specialized equipment from Possumhaw Plant Electrics headquarters. My guess is that, properly wired and connected, these mysterious nodes will reveal unsettling truths, or maybe they have the power to reset the universe. We'll find out tomorrow. Unless it rains. Then we'll have to wait a little longer, because Possumhaw Plant Electrics does not operate in the rain. Our equipment is too sensitive.


  1. Are you transcribing what the plants are telling you? Can you dish on anything juicy you have learned or do we wait for the exhibit? Sincerely, Mr. Nosey.

  2. Pshaw. Rain never did nothin to a lectrode but make it better. Them knees been knockin fer ya.

  3. Love the pictures of the cypress knees. They seem to emanate a life force--very intriguing!