Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lovely limestone.

Last night the cabin was so cold! I had to pile on extra blankets and burrow under them. And all night from below this nest of covers I heard strange sounds--little objects falling down, rustling, clicking, and even some banging around... it scared me, because I couldn't tell whether the sounds were coming from inside or outside of the cabin, and I imagined all sorts of sneaky cabin prowlers. I eventually leaped out of bed and stared out the window into the darkness, prepared to see something awful! But after about 15 minutes of terror, I realized that I probably have either a mouse roommate or some some raccoon visitors outside... and that's not scary, just adorable!

I woke up to a hot and sunny day, and couldn't pull myself out of bed until 10:00. I lounged around with coffee for a while and then played my tin whistle a little with the doors and windows open. It's nice having my whistle here, because I don't have to worry about bothering my neighbors when I'm learning new tunes that don't sound so good yet. Of course, just as I was learning a brand new jig and squawking terribly, a straying Bernheim visitor walked right past my window, looked around in disgust, and turned around and left! He didn't like my jig.

After this unfortunate musical experience, I set out to take a little hike. There's a lot to explore here at Bernheim--the entire park is 14,000 acres. I made my way to the Rock Run Loop, which is a nice little path along a dried up creek bed. The bottom of the bed is all limestone, and on either side are high walls of eroded limestone as well (the picture above is of one of the walls). Just as I began this nice walk, the button of my pants popped and shot into the forest! Too many delicious, feta covered salads with glorious fatty dressing at Isaac's Cafe? I hope a crow picks up my shiny button and keeps it as a treasure... but in the meantime I need to do something about these pants. Maybe there's a safety pin around here somewhere.

Now I'm back at the cabin and am going to dig into some research for the work I want to do while I'm here. I'll write about that another time, though!

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