Sunday, April 25, 2010

A French haircut; cockroach baths in the sink; and a case of the Lonelies.

It has been a rainy few days, so I've been laying low and planning, waiting for the sun to return so I can get out and shoot. I'm getting moving on some drawings too--a group of schematics to go along with the Possumhaw Plant Electrics videos. All of this work (I'm imagining 4-5 videos and a pile of small drawings) will be on display at a solo exhibition at the Carnegie Center in late August. By then I'll likely be an intercoastal drifter, gliding back and forth between beautiful Eugene, Oregon and beloved NYC.

The last couple days, perhaps due to the drizzly rain, were a little on the lonely side. There are a handful of physicists, artists, lawyers, writers, and pied-pipers-of-neighborhood-animals that I have been missing lots here in my little cabin in the woods. But it's nice sometimes to have the opportunity to feel lonely and feel that little (or not so little) sting of missing faraway friends and family. It makes it all the sweeter contemplating seeing them again when I can!

In less melancholy news, I went to the grocery store the other day and was asked by a really nice lady if I was French. I said, "Mais non! Je suis américaine!" OK, OK, I just said it in English... and she replied, "Oh, well, your haircut makes you look French!" Then she proceeded to help me unload my groceries from my shopping cart. People 'round these parts are seriously lovely.

Last night I didn't sleep so well. Do you know why? Because an eager-beaver little cockroach was munchin' like goddamn crazy on the outside of my hanging compost bag, trying desperately to get to the wet, sloppy coffee grounds inside, and his wee mandibles were squeak-squeak-squeaking against the plastic in a very noisy manner. I eventually had to tie up the bag and put it in a cabinet, because I simply could not sleep with all that mandible action. The same cockroach was cheekily taking a spit bath in my sink this morning. He leisurely groomed his long elegant antennae, and then turned his head to look up at me, like, "Excusez-moi, but could you please avert your eyes?" Dang!


  1. Julia, that sounds interesting with the cockroach noise...have you tried to record it?

  2. I thought about it! The next time I catch that little guy munchin', I'll see if I can record it. Unfortunately, I don't have super sensitive recording equipment with me here, and it's rather quiet. But worth a shot!