Monday, April 5, 2010

Eeling OK?

Highlights of today:
  • Stayed in most of the day and put together a plan of action for my project here.
  • Opened all the windows in the cabin and let the warm air rush in--aaahhh, spring!
  • Got chased by a handful of paper wasps when I unwittingly got too close to a nest: shrieked madly, flailed arms wildly, pulled muscle in neck from spazzing out, ultimately felt mighty embarrassed. Then felt all nervous about buzzing insects afterward, even my beloved, fuzzy Carpenter Bees.
  • Warily watched wasps buzzing at the windows after hot pursuit. Had to coax one wasp out the door after it followed me inside. Neck is still throbbing from spastic movements.
  • Saw a little brown lizard run like the dickens as I walked down the hill to visit Mama Goose.
  • Got the stink eye from Mama Goose, but no hissing today.
  • Found a wee bird nest in the leafless shrubbery outside, and thought Maxime might like to see it, so stood on my tiptoes and took a picture from above.
  • Discovered the F key on my laptop is behaving funnily, working intermittently. I guess I've used too many F's recently? Been writing "eel" instead of "feel" all day...
  • Made plans with my wonderful French teacher for continuing study when I return to NYC in June. (If you are in New York and want to learn French, learn with Sam! He is so much fun.)
  • Ate WAY too many hard boiled eggs.
  • Realized that I should really cross the street and go to the Jim Beam distillery this week.
C'est tout pour le moment!

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