Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Did you feel it?

I reset the universe tonight at about 6:00 PM! I heard from a little bird that my dry run yesterday caused some faulty alarm clock action (cross-continental, even) that resulted in lateness, so I can only imagine what the full reset did. Did it change your radio presets? Did you feel vibrations? Did you suddenly feel like you hadn't taken a shower, even though you thought you had? Were you wearing a pink shirt one minute and a midnight blue shirt the next? Did you hear a loud whooshing sound and then see nothing but black for 6.7 seconds?

I'm sorry I don't have any images of this spectacular event to post for you. I was going to capture my footage tonight, but instead I had to start making some DVDs for a few more fun things coming up (I added some updates to the bottom of my post from Tuesday). But soon!

Do you know what I have now? An enormous and ridiculously messy snarl of copper wire in my purse. I think it would be funny to try to fly back to NY with that. (Getting out here with the coil of copper was bad enough!)

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