Friday, April 16, 2010

Desk Mouse.

Did you not feel the universe reset tonight? Really? You didn't?

Well, that's because I didn't reset it yet.

But don't worry! It will happen next week! Tonight was not an auspicious evening for Universe-Resetting, as it turned out. Clouds rolled in and covered up all the delicious sunlight, and I realized that I really need more copper wire than I have. I will procure that this weekend.

In other news, a fat little brown mouse lives in my desk. I figured that might be the case, since when I was here in September there was also a mouse living in the desk who had a big puffball of a nest in the top left drawer. There's no puffball nest this time. Instead, she lives in a folded up piece of black velour in the top right desk drawer. I discovered this because I opened the drawer and started to pull the velour out to see if I could use it for anything, and my mouse leaped from the fabric onto my hand, danced around, and then hopped back into the drawer, where she took off running toward the back of the desk. I gingerly shut the drawer to make sure not to squish her, and left the velour as it lay. I wonder if this is the mouse who sometimes runs around on the window screens at night, or if I have a few? I've named this mouse Sami.

Tomorrow I'm heading out to Eugene, OR, for a four-day visit. My collaborator Eric has been offered a faculty position in the physics department at the University of Oregon, so we're going to check things out! We're even meeting with a realtor--yikes! If Eric takes this position, I will split my time between Eugene and NYC, which I think is actually a pretty exciting possibility for having two very different and complementary living situations. But more on that another time!

I don't think I'll be able to blog much, if at all, while I'm there, so I'll see you on Wednesday!

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