Friday, April 16, 2010

Peeing on your cray-beau.

A couple pretty awesome things:

First of all, via Zooillogix, we learn that crayfish are into golden showers. As in, the lady crayfish pees on the boy crayfish to invite him to mate with her. The thing is, though, that getting peed on also triggers aggression in the males. Apparently inciting aggression with pee helps the lady crayfish gauge how tough and worthy her potential cray-beau is.

Secondly, via National Geographic News, we learn about the newly discovered T. rex leech, which enjoys sucking on mammal's orifices, including eyes, rectums, vaginas, and urethras with extra large sawing teeth. Wait. It's the leeches that have extra large teeth, and not the orifices. You knew what I meant, right? This leech, interestingly, happens to have some of the smallest genitals of all leeches--1/10 the size of your average leech genitalia. This rare leech is one of the many organisms that has suffered from deforestation in the Amazon--and just look at his face:

T. rex (the leech). Photo from Nat'l Geographic.

He looks pretty melancholy about it, doesn't he? I haven't had a Parasite Delight post in a long time, so I was really happy to come across this rare beastie's formidable jaws today.

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  1. Now there's a face only another leech could kissable!