Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bird is the Word.

I spent a lovely morning in Louisville with The Excellent Ms. Susan Ritter, Public Relations and Marketing Officer. We visited the University of Louisville art department, where some very good student work was on display, and we explored the super-cool art collection at 21C, which I really enjoyed.

We returned in the early afternoon, and I ventured into the forest with Prince of Quails Ronnie Moore, Director of Natural Areas, who gave me a wonderful tour of the quail breeding program. It's a fascinating and complicated process, raising these quail from eggs, that involves precise temperature control, careful monitoring, and lots of handmade equipment. Ronnie and JT, the Quail Engineers, have come up with some awesome ways of keeping these fragile birds safe and healthy while they grow up.

I was allowed to crawl into the quail pen, where I proceeded to take about a bizillion pictures of the adorable and very round birds. They all turned out very poorly indeed, so I'm providing you with some silhouette impressions of my bird friends in lieu of traditional photos. I think it's very Victorian, don't you?

(Update: my dear collaborator expanded upon my bad joke by saying that the Prince of Quails is probably first in line for the Royal Duck-cession. Har har har. We're both such cards.)

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  1. Ha! That's the best quail joke I've ever heard, hands down! :D Cheers, physician!