Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back home with Sami Mouse, Mama Goose, and the Roach Army in the Sink.

Back from a little hiatus. My charming collaborator Eric and I took a weekend trip to Eugene, OR, and we had a glorious time on Sunday exploring the gorgeous coast and hanging with lovely new friends. I had a rather stressful day on Monday, during which I had an all-day headache, was a little overwhelmed by back-to-back tours of the university and beyond, and had a moment of panic* thinking about moving away from my art network and my dearests in NYC. This was all resolved, though, and, as I mentioned a few posts back, even if we do end up in Oregon next year, I won't be saying goodbye to Brooklyn or my favorite people in it.

Now I'm back in Kentucky. I ended up needing a mental health day yesterday, and mostly relaxed and de-stressed in my wee cabin. Today I got back on track, took a morning walk, took care of some art business for upcoming shows, discussed some things with my musical collaborators Lurch and Holler, had a very quick little French lesson by phone with my teacher in NY, and finished editing my ant hill video that I shot here at Bernheim (but now I need to name it!) Now there are two completed pieces in the Possumhaw Plant Electrics series. I'm pretty excited about that.

Next week we'll be resetting the universe (I know, I know, I said that last week too!) and hopefully getting down to business with the mind machine soon. In the meantime, I'm planning and storyboarding, waiting for this cloudy weather to pass on by, and feeling comforted by the sounds of the forest around me.

*And by "moment of panic" I mean "total fucking meltdown."

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  1. Welcome back to Kentucky and Bernheim. My wife heard an interview with E O Wilson today about his new novel that involves ants and by coincidence Ruby began noticing ants today too. So I read with interest that your ant hill video is gelled up.