Friday, April 2, 2010

All that was left...

My first full day at Bernheim! Oh, it is just glorious here. The sun is bright and hot, flowers are pushing their way through the ground, buds are dotting the trees, delicate little bugs are softly floating about and big fat bumblebees are zooming by. Bird songs are all around me, and the sweet barley smell of the nearby distilleries is wafting through...

Today I am settling in and letting this beautiful place sink into me. It is such a huge leap, coming from industrial Red Hook to a place like Bernheim, exploding with plants, speckled with ponds. This morning I had a leisurely cup of coffee in my cabin, visited the lady goose who is nesting down the hill, and took the little forest trail to the arboretum.

When I was here in September and staying in the cabin, many trees had fallen over the trail, making it quite a hike from here to the office buildings and arboretum. And all of the logs and branches made perfect web-building spots for spiders... so each trip along the trail left me with a face full of spiders, and web bits hanging from my hair. I was always a fright when I arrived at the offices. This time, though, I nearly laughed walking that path--it was perfectly groomed and was an easy 3 minute stroll. No leaping over logs, no spiderwebs to speak of!

I made plans to meet Margaret Zurkuhlen (Director of Development and Marketing) for lunch at the delightful Isaac's Cafe, and on my way wandered through the maze of prairie trails. I saw the leftovers of someone's lunch in the prairie: all that remained was a solitary bunny rabbit tail. I then moseyed over to the Cafe, where I dug into a delicious "Birder's Salad", loaded with blueberries and almonds and feta. Mmm.

Now I'm taking a little break from the hot afternoon sun.

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