Monday, February 8, 2010

Solar Sammy.

This is my cyber-brother Solar Sammy, the solar tracking robot that lives in my parents' font yard. He has to wear a snow suit in the winter, but that's all I can tell you about his specifications until the patent comes through. Sammy's lonely and wants to be cloned, but until then he gets lots of attention from my parents. My dad has to strap on skis to go and keep Sammy company these days.

Photo by Katy Oldham.
And another 10" of snow coming on Tuesday!


  1. Julia, Ok, you provoked me. Can you say what "Sammy" does and skip the how part? I've followed your other posts and who thought nettles had such...interesting applications? Having lived in Europe, I blundered into more than one patch of these plants. Definitely, not gratifying for me!

  2. Haha, no kidding--I've done a little trekking in the UK, and my own run-ins with nettles were pretty far from erotic too. To each his own, though! As for Sammy--he tracks the location of the sun to guide solar panels to rotate and work more efficiently. (I think that's right, anyway.) :)