Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowmageddon in Maryland.

Mommy disappearing into snowy wilderness in Ijamsville.
Photo by Nile Oldham.

How I wish I were at my childhood home in Maryland, playing in the several FEET of snow they got down there. Whew, they have had a snowy winter just south of the Mason-Dixon Line--a lot more exciting than our winter up here in New York City! My dad reports that there are about 28 inches of snow (and still falling), and apparently all the DC-MD-VA folks are referring to this incredible storm as the Snowmageddon. Cute.

There's nothing that makes me more homesick than pictures of my family's field and woods covered in a beautiful blanket of puffy snow. (Well, actually, pictures of my mother's explosive summer garden, giant and overflowing and bursting with flowers and insects and birds, do it too.) Moments like these make me want a teleportation device.

Pops shoveling snow, snapped by Katy Oldham.

Marshmallow cars, by Katy Oldham.

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