Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Speed of light...

I've been keeping this new project under wraps, but it's time to unveil it! My physicist collaborator Eric Corwin and I are working on a new series of videos based on old-fashioned physics experiments that examine fundamental constants of the universe. We're working on the first in the series right now, in which we built and used a Fizeau apparatus to measure the speed of light. Editing is still underway, and we still have to shoot a few more important elements.

Eric has played an integral role in the storyboarding and camera work of this first piece--his patient and scientific approach to working is very complementary to my, ahem, impatient and unscientific approach.

Also, all of these French physicists (like Hippolyte Fizeau) that we're encountering in our research are putting me and Eric in a good frame of mind to continue planning an international collaboration with a certain French theoretical physicist whose company we are missing most dreadfully.


  1. This all sounds very interesting even though I have no idea what a Fizeau apparatus is. Looking forward to updates here & on facebook.

  2. can't wait to see...but i will....