Saturday, January 23, 2010

Peregrine sighting!

Eric, John and I went for a hike along the top of the cliffs at Palisades Interstate Park today, and we were lucky enough to happen upon a Peregrine Falcon! He was initially sitting very calmly at the top of one of the jutting columns of rock that are common along the Palisades cliffs, with his beautiful plumage illuminated by the afternoon sun. Eric snuck up and started taking pictures, at which point the falcon turned towards us, fluffed up his belly feathers, and gave us a very surly look.

Surly falcon.

Me + always stylish hiking buddy John.

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  1. Cool sighting! We nearly lost this falcon in my area, but they are making a comeback and nesting on top our tallest buildings. I see them frequently at the Falls. Al