Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jelly: My Favorite!

Today I received a large envelope in my mailbox that had a bulky object in it. I brought it into the apartment and opened it to find a JELLY DONUT and a note from the sender saying that the donut had been "cc'ed" to a mutual friend of ours.

The donut is quite hard, although from the postage mark I can see it has only been in transit for 3 days. It's raspberry jelly and powdered sugar.


  1. Ooh, jelly donuts are my favorite, even though I haven't actually eaten one in years. (you know, all that fat and empty calories...)

    Why not give it a quick zap in the microwave? Even if you can't eat it afterwards, I bet it will smell good!

  2. You know what, Cindy? I left it unguarded for just a moment after snapping the above picture, and the dog totally snarfed it. Alas. Aydin, indeed--I think that was my most popular Facebook post ever!