Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cappuccino with something special.

So, Eric and I went to a cozy little cafe in Soho this evening, where I got a cappuccino and a piece of carrot cake. I was sipping at my (lovely) cappuccino, when I noticed something sort of hairy touching my lip as a drank. I accidentally slurped the hairy thing into my mouth, and then, not wanting to drink a hairy thing, I spit it back into the cup.

I reached into the cup and saw the little fiber sticking out of the foam and pulled. As I pulled the fiber, more and more fibers appeared, and then a big brown chunk. I realized that it was in fact a rather large, striped, dead, boiled, coffee-logged insect. Which had just been all the way inside my mouth.

Here it is, pulled from my cup and lying next to the rest of the carrot cake, which for some reason all of a sudden seemed a little less appetizing:

After that delightful little snack, we went to Studio-X to see a video screening with my new friend Marina from Artist in the Marketplace. We had a good time at the quirky and technologically faltering event, but the whole night I had the awful sensation of having hairy, hairy legs brushing my lips. Bleh.


  1. Hey, Your'e the "Bug Lover"! Didn't you just eat a scorpion recently? What I want to know is...did they charge you extra for it?

  2. It's true. I ate a scorpion. I didn't love that either... but this was significantly grosser because it was so soft. And mushy. And tickly. And floating. Ew. You know, the worst thing is that I was too much of a chicken to say anything about it! I'm betting we could have gotten a significant discount...