Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Experiments and Cross-Atlantic Daydreams.

I'm experimenting with a 3-channel video piece, using footage that I shot at Blue Mountain Center this last fall. Working with multiple channels is exciting, because I get to plan the visual and sonic relationships among multiple pieces of video rather than leaving it up to chance (like I did when I presented my pieces from The Timber at Art in General this past summer.) I'm letting a single soundtrack guide the 3 separate video channels, and creating intersections and synchronizations of movement.

I anticipate that this will be the beginning of a whole series of multi-channel pieces. What I need to figure out, though, is the best way to power a multi-channel HD piece that has to be perfectly in sync. I think it'll be an interesting challenge working out the details.

On a different note, Eric and I said goodbye yesterday to our very close friend Maxime who is making his way across the ocean and back home to France after living in New York for a little over 2 years. It was a weepy business, and Eric and I are already wistfully reminiscing about our many adventures and discoveries with our dear friend. On the brighter side (well, hopefully it will feel brighter when I feel less sad), now we've got a very good reason to start planning a cross-Atlantic excursion!

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