Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I wanted to share this little gem, which I found on the website of the artist Tobias Sternberg, whom I exhibited with this summer in Lisbon at Pavilhão 28, and who, like me, is part of the Souvenirs From Earth television project which broadcasts in Germany and France.

Tobias Sternberg
25cm x 15cm x 10cm
margarine and hair

From the artist's website: "A site specific sculpture made for a run down mens room just off the main exhibition space in the Goldsmith's College Degreeshow. Placed as something you would run into by mistake rather than as an artwork, it is an ephemeral sculpture in cheap margarine garnished with human hair. It is both alluring and a bit revolting, a packaged solution for manly needs, but best used in imagination only. Buttercunt is softer than human flesh but sticky as a disease. Its delicately sculpted surface would leave traces and fingerprints of anyone daring enough to touch. It is a secret phantasy come to life in an unlikely and abject location."

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