Monday, November 9, 2009

Sallying forth!

Today I ventured into the home city for the first time since October 1. Good heavens, did I feel scruffy among the well-dressed Manhattan masses! My hair is all bushy, my clothes still have leaves and burrs in them, my eyebrows have grown out to their full and unplucked glory, my arms are all scratched up from brambles, and I'm sporting some windburn on my cheeks from a climb up Mt. Roberts three days ago.

I met up with my until-now-virtual-friend Robert Yoder, a wonderful Seattle-based artist who curated me into a show at Howard House last winter. He is here in NYC for the week--we met in midtown and spent a few happy hours chatting about art over coffee. He happens to have spent time at a residency with one of my BMC-mates Mark Barr, a novelist from Austin (and in fact Robert sent the two of us a joint care package full of delicious cookies while we were in the Adirondacks)--so I had a wonderful feeling of connectivity and community on my first day back in New York City.

Unfortunately, there also happened to be a hefty layer of brown smog on the horizon today, and an air quality alert to go along with it. *sniff* Welcome home.

Robert Yoder will have a solo exhibition of his new paintings at Booth #6 at Aqua Art Miami this December--so keep your eyes out for it!

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