Sunday, November 8, 2009

Home again, home again...

Here I am in New York City, after having been away in woodsy paradise Since October 2! It is strange to be back. My loft feels sterile and white (although there was a colorful pile of cat puke waiting for me right inside the door--thanks, Scallop!) after being in my lovely, dark wood Grey Cottage study at Blue Mountain Center, and then in my family's house in New Hampshire, full of quirky antiques and comfy, old furniture. It also feels a little quiet and lonely being back here--all of October was spent with my 15+ lovely BMC peers (whom I can't seem to stop pining for), and then I enjoyed a houseful of family and friends in Melvin Village, NH for the first week of November. I keep feeling like there should be a bunch of folks around to share whiskey, dancing and secrets with... Where are you??

I am starting to sift through the footage that I shot while up at BMC, and am excited to see where it goes. I didn't do any editing during my residency, and instead focused entirely on research, shooting, observing the wonderful things that were happening in the forests around me, and translating processes of rot, death and autumn change into movement. Here are some tidbits:

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