Friday, November 6, 2009

Checking in....

Well, I'm back from Blue Mountain Center, where I spent the month with an amazing group of writers and artists. It was an incredibly productive time artistically, and man-oh-man was it good for the soul too. I made some lifelong friends, I think (and am feeling all heartachey about them as we speak), and got to feel at home in a really beautiful utopia where I was fed delicious food and given a delightful little study (with a view of the lake) in which I worked and thought. I'm in New Hampshire with my parents now, hiking and exploring and eating yet more delicious meals, but will be returning to my real life in NYC very soon. I think I'm excited to get back to the city.

I'm writing this from a wee library in Tuftonboro, NH, surrounded by books and friendly people. Lovely.

More soon.

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