Friday, November 20, 2009

Cat behavior that is baffling.

My cat just spent 10 minutes orgasmically rolling around in and rubbing her face against a very stinky armpit of a shirt (I will not say whether it was mine or Eric's). As soon as said shirt was tossed onto the floor after a shower, she made a beeline for the offending pit and launched herself into it. Obviously the ghastliness of a certain individual's (I'm still not saying who) right armpit is alluring to kitties. Does that (sometimes very smelly) person give off some sort of pheromones? If so, I wish that those armpit pheromones were as appealing to people as to cats.

Update: (10 minutes later) Cat has returned to the shirt, and is curled up on the stinky armpit.


  1. I have to try this with my cat & a smelly shirt (I won't reveal if it will be one of mine).

  2. Haha--let me know how it goes! Also, STUNNING snail penis on your blog a couple days ago. Wow.