Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Raindrops and katydids.

Over the weekend I shot some new footage up at Harriman using a set of movement plans based on methods of stridulation in crickets, katydids and grasshoppers. It was a beautiful time for shooting, because right before I got started, the sky opened up and stormed ferociously. In fact, Eric and I had to take cover in a cave on the underside of a giant boulder to let the storm pass. We had been on the top of a rocky peak with very few trees, so hightailed it to lower ground as soon as we started seeing lightning. It was pretty exciting.

So, when the rain stopped, the air was misty and the colors jewel-like. There were little beads of water sparkling everywhere, the moss was saturated and spongy, and the rocks were dark and shiny.

While shooting this, I was surrounded by the sounds of all of the creatures I was mimicking. This made it quite easy to get into a crickety headspace. The performance lasted about 45 minutes, with only a couple interruptions by the dog, who couldn't resist coming over to say hello as I was groaning in pain during a particularly strenuous sequence of movements. It was nice of him to check on me.

This photo was taken by Eric, who was my assistant for this shoot, and who graciously offered his hat as a raincover for the camera since there was a significant amount of water dripping from the trees.

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