Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Biscuit Beetles: source discovered!!

This summer Eric and I have a huge infestation of funny little beetles. They are tiny--just a few millimeters long--and brown. I never gave them much notice, as they are small and don't seem to do any real damage. They just fly here and there, and they tend to die inside our big hanging paper lamp, or drown in jars of water that where I have plant clippings growing roots. No big deal.

But, lo and behold, I found the motherlode! In one of our pet supply cabinets was a box of discarded dog biscuits that Lucius didn't really like. The top of the container was not totally sealed. I looked inside, and EGADS, every biscuit had a whole network of tunnels dug into it by these beetles! And in many of the tunnels little beetle heads were peeking out, looking at me.

(Photo by Eric)

I looked up "dog biscuit beetle" online, and discovered that these little guys are actually called Biscuit Beetles, Bread Beetles or Drugstore Beetles (Stegobium panecium). Aside from being avid biscuit muchers, they also are nibblers of a variety of products including prescription drugs, hair, books... and they may even bore into furniture! I haven't seen any evidence that our beetles have eaten anything except the old dog biscuits, which are now in the trash and long gone.

Au revoir, Biscuit Beetles.

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