Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weary, weary.

There was a lot to do this weekend: with all sorts of Bushwick Open Studios stuff going on Saturday (excited about Gina Beavers' studio--especially her moth wing painting, the Fortress to Solitude painting show, and Pocket Utopia, which is shutting down--sad); a late night at Bait and Tackle with a couple new friends and a little too much whiskey; a day trip way up to Massachusetts today; and a trip back to Bushwick again tonight to celebrate open studio success with Brea. Events, events, and new friends, and lots of art! Great stuff, but now I am totally and utterly pooped. And the dog is mad (and I am sad) that we didn't get to go for a hike after all.

I don't think I can write any more than this. I have hovered here in front of the screen for too long, and I think the blankness that is filling my head is an indication that I should go to bed early tonight.

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