Monday, June 8, 2009


It has taken me such a long time to do this, but I finally (FINALLY!) have ordered all of the materials I'll need for an indoor vermicomposting system. So soon I'll be the proud mother of a pound of redworms and a lovely compost bin. I can't wait.

Back when I worked at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Chicago, I spent many a Saturday with their worm bin, introducing all of the bin's inhabitants to Girl Scouts who came to the museum for badge workshops. One of my favorite activities to lead was called Compost Critters--in which I gave pairs of Girl Scouts a magnifying glass, a little pile of soil from the Nature Mueum's compost bin, a worksheet with pictures of all of the different detritivores you might find in a compost bin, and pencil and paper so that they could draw the creatures they found. It was so neat to see all of these little city girls digging through dirt and making friends with worms and other invertebrates. Sometimes they were a little nervous or grossed out at first, but always by the end they were enthusiastic and thrilled. I have such fond memories of that job.

So, very soon you will probably be seeing bizillions of pictures of my new detritivore buddies... And maybe I'll finally get a chance to use that digital video microscope for something REALLY fun once my compost bin entices some of the teeny-tinies, like pseudoscorpions!

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