Sunday, June 28, 2009

Raincoats, a close call, old pals, sailors.

We went on a nice, long hike on Saturday with a few refreshing little rain showers to keep it exciting. The woods were beautiful in the rain--especially when the sun would peek out and illuminate all of the raindrops. I caught Lucius (who had just had a bath) preparing to roll in a huge pile of pooh, and managed to stop him just in time! We saw a big puddle full of tadpoles near the end of our hike--I hope they grow up before it dries up.

Stayed out until 3:00 that night with a handful of wonderful old college friends including artist Billy Friebele, who was up for the weekend and stayed overnight with me and Eric. He will be participating in Art in Odd Places up here in New York in October, so keep an eye out!

Out to breakfast, then PS1 and the Sculpture Center today. I loved the Kenneth Anger show at PS1--I can't believe I had never seen his work before. I was particularly struck by his film Fireworks from 1947, which he described as being "all I have to say about being seventeen, the United States Navy, American Christmas, and the Fourth of July."

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