Wednesday, June 17, 2009

O Glory!

I got my worms in the mail today!

They came in a small cardboard box, and I was expecting a little cooler or something inside, but it was just full of dirt and worms! It was pretty awesome peeling back the top of the box and seeing a wriggling, writhing mass of worminess right there in front of me.

I had prepared the bedding in the compost bin before I opened the worm box, so I proceeded to sprinkle worms into their new home. As I emptied the box, I noticed a little worm peeking out from inside the corrugation of one of the box flaps! So I peeled apart that piece of cardboard, and lo and behold, the corrugation was absolutely packed with worms. I ended up having to do some pretty serious surgery on the box and take apart every layer of cardboard to extricate all of the worms that had wriggled their way into the corrugation tunnels. Man, it was a serious process and took about an hour. But I got every last worm into the bin.

Supposedly there were about 1000 in the box. I better start thinking of names soon.