Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No Soul For Sale.

I met with Erin Riley Lopez from the Bronx Museum today at Art in General to talk about The Timber. It was really nice discussing the work with her, and now I'm inspired to apply for the Artist in the Marketplace program.

Afterward, coffee and talking about new projects with Josh, and then the opening of No Soul For Sale at X Initiative. It was an exciting show--sort of an art fair for non-profs, alternative spaces and artist collectives. I was particularly thrilled with the abundance of video and new media work, with participating organizations like Rhizome and Electronic Arts Intermix. There was an artist collective/gallery from Iceland called Kling and Bang that had a really great installation of works and some rather alarming videos. I ran into Nina Katchadourian, who was peacefully lying in a sound-installation-bed-structure (Sonic Bed by Kaffe Matthews) with her eyes closed--she recommended I try it after she emerged. It looked interesting, but it was soon inhabited by a rambunctious group of friends who all piled in and had what looked a little like a sleepover party. I didn't have the heart to interrupt--maybe another day.

After an hour or so at the exhibition, the crowd started to get really big--so big that the stairwells were difficult to navigate. In fact, we could not get up to the top floor, because an alarm was screeching from above and a security guard was blocking the stairs. At that point Eric and I decided to go, because it was difficult to focus on any of the work with such a crowd, and we had said hello to everyone we knew. Amazingly, it took us about 20 minutes to descend all the way to the ground floor because the stairwells were so packed! I think we would have been dead if there were a fire... but, well, there wasn't.

I look forward to checking out the show again later in the week without the crowds. But it was fun being a part of such a big event and seeing a huge crowd so engaged with this energetic project.

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