Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lessons in the Sky.

The screening at the Dia Foundation/Hispanic Society was great fun on Tuesday evening--but chilly! There was a nice little crowd, though, that stayed for the entire hour.

In addition to my three Timber videos, there was a documentary about starlings by Penny Lane and Jessica Bardsley; excerpts from Nina Katchadourian's wonderful Please, Please, Pleased to Meetcha and Natural Car Alarms; a video exploring the exchange of letters between Audubon and his wife by Emily Kuehn; a nature documentary about Crudus Tergum by Simone Bennett; a proposal for sending starlings back to England by Klara Hobza; a very creepy and lovely film about the capture and imprisonment of a swan by Dana Sherwood and the Black Forest Fancies; digital prints of Audubon bird illustrations infiltrating the city by Victor Landweber; and Guy Ben-Ner's Elia ostrich piece, which I have loved since I first saw it in 2004. The screening was curated by Andrea Grover, the founder of Aurora Picture Show in Houston.

(The Hispanic Society's lovely terrace.)

(A shot of my video Darkling.)

(Penny Lane, Nina Katchadourian, Julia Oldham and Andrea Grover
answering questions after the screening.)

(Penny Lane, Nina Katchadourian, Julia Oldham,
Andrea Grover, Scott Calhoun)

These photos taken by Eric. For more shots of the screening and the mojitos that followed, check out Andrea Grover's Flickr album Lessons in the Sky: A Filmic Tribute to Audubon.

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