Thursday, June 25, 2009

Legendary Ijamsville Tarantula.

I have a clear memory, from when I was around 16, of stepping into a pair of loafers in my bedroom and feeling an incredibly wiggly sensation just under the arch of my foot. I pulled my foot out of my shoe, and a TARANTULA shot out and ran into a dark corner. Okay, it was actually a wolf spider, but a huge one! I'm talking hand-sized spider with an abdomen that is nearly an inch across. Big, fat, terrific.

These Ijamsville Tarantula encounters have generated a lot of lore, and often people think I am exaggerating. It's possible. But here's a shot of the real thing, courtesy of my dad. That's 3/4 inch plywood that this archnid has perched upon:

(Photo by Nile Oldham)

What I have never exaggerated about is the fact that my dad is a MASTER of catching giant hairy spiders in tupperware and releasing them into the woodpile outside. What a hero! See Nile here with his new eight-legged friend, who will soon be a woodpile resident:

(Photo by Nile Oldham, Master of the
Ijamsville Tarantula)

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