Friday, June 5, 2009

Kind of a lame-o, but a productive lame-o.

Instead of going out and partying with friends at the Fortress to Solitude show tonight, I stayed in to try to let my poor back heal (I am still all hunched and hobbly from installation injuries). I know, I know... kind of loser-ish. But I spent all day and well into the night working on my rot proposal, which I titled Down in the Ground, and managed to get it finished and submitted. (I'll tell you where if I get the show!)

Here's a little taste of what I'm thinking about:
These explorations and documentations will lead to performances in the woods at Blue Mountain Center. I will take on the role of not only decomposers and detritivores, but also of decomposing material in the forest, and I will choreograph movements based the cycle of rot. My performances will take place in front of my video camera, and through them I hope to understand what it feels like to rot away (myself) and to actively rot (another object). There will be an emphasis on darkness and wetness, on caverns and underground places, on slowness. Over the course of October, I will rot and be rotten over and over, each and every day, in front of the camera.
Finally tomorrow I get to go on a hike (cross your fingers that my ridiculous back will make it through the day without incident) after several weekends of going without. I am starting to feel a little crazy, and I think Lucius is too.

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