Friday, June 19, 2009

June 19.

I had a great birthday full of wonderful art today. I saw two shows that I really loved in Chelsea: Blind Buzzard, featuring the works of Anke Weyer and Adrian Meraz, at Leo Koenig Projekte; and White Noise, a collision of art, music and sound, at James Cohan Gallery. At the latter, Jay King's and Mario Diaz de Leon's video/sound piece Portrait of Glenda Goodman really got me--incredibly intense, alarming, and awesome. I'm glad I discovered their work.

Afterward I trekked over to Harvestworks for the nowTHENafter listening party, where I heard works from a DVD of experimental sound and music works. I was most excited about a piece by Marina Rosenfeld that incorporated strange human-made noises; a deep and rumbling work by Ray Sweeten that was frightening and lulling and could be felt as well as heard; and a piece by 8-Bit Contruction Set, a group of Atari musicians whom I've loved since Eric introduced me to their music some years ago.

Now hopefully some hiking this weekend if the rain lets up at all?

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