Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Age Beaver, Maura Doyle.

(Pink T-Shirt, 2008, by Maura Doyle)

(A Guide to Beaver Architecture:
Sticks and Mud Reconsidered, 2009, by Maura Doyle)

I just read a write-up in L Magazine about Maura Doyle's project New Age Beaver, which was on display this spring in Toronto Gallery Paul Petro Contemporary Art, and I am completely enamored. The project is a combination of sculptural pieces inspired by beaver creations found in the field, a video documentary, and a book titled A Guide to Beaver Architecture: Sticks and Mud Reconsidered. Paddy Johnson describes the artist's work: "Doyle outlines instances in which beavers use coal, mud and even t-shirts to create their dams, [and] the artist goes to the trouble of creating a re-enactment (based on one such account). The act walks the line between contrived absurdity and hilarity."

...I would really like to meet this artist, or at least become pen pals.

(Update: I bought a copy of her book from Paul Petro Contemporary Art--just emailed them and sent a check. I am eager to get it in the mail.)

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