Thursday, June 4, 2009

For the love of Rot.

This month is going to be crazy--trying to get as many people into the exhibition space as I can, and, hopefully, getting lots of feedback about the work. The really hard work is done, though, so I've finally got some time to get working on new proposals and new ideas. It's a little weird, moving on from this project that has totally consumed me for a year... but I won't be leaving the world of invertebrates yet.

Now I'm getting excited about planning a new video project that is focused on rot: the cycles and patterns and movement of rot, and the activities of the living things that make it happen. Detritivores and decomposers are some of my favorite critters. How I love a wriggly worm, a creepy pseudoscorpion, a grub, a sow bug, a mite, a fungus!

I've got some new books to read about decomposition on the florest floor, and I'm excited to dig in and see what wonderful new things I can learn. This summer will be a great time to explore rotting things on hikes. Also, I am going to get a worm bin going (something I've meant to do for ages), which I'm sure will be a major source of inspiration for this new project.

More to come.

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