Monday, June 15, 2009

Chicago connections aplenty.

On Saturday night I went to lovely artist Julia Brown's housewarming party--she had just spent the last year doing a residency in Provincetown, and moved here to participate in the Whitney Independent Study Program. While there, I met a large handful of folks who had gotten their MFAs at the University of Illinois at Chicago at around the same time that I was at the University of Chicago. They knew some of my Chicago buddies, including a dear friend from the band Daylight Robbery, who happen to be on an east coast tour right now with Canadian Rifle, and played here in New York last night.

The Daylight Robbery show was at a cake-shop-and-club on the Lower East Side called, well, Cake Shop. It was noisy and exciting, and it was awesome to see my delightful friends David and Christine perform. I am regretting today that I did not bring earplugs to the show, because now I feel like I am hearing the world through staticky earphones. But I had so much fun that I'm going to go see them again tonight at Tommy's Tavern at 9:00. With earplugs this time.

After the show I hung out with a combination of Chicago and New York folks until the wee hours. I got to see some people that I had met years ago at shows, and I met some new friends too. Nearly everyone had a connection to the University of Chicago--had gone there for undergrad, for grad school, or would be attending for this or that. What fun!

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