Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Timber: complete.

The last Timber video is now finished, completing my 12-video series that will be installed at Art in General for the May 29-July 18 show. It makes me feel a little melancholy drawing this series to a close, but I also am incredibly satisfied with the way these videos have grown and developed over the course of the year.

Something kind of special happened right at the end of the series, too. I started editing in September with footage from the August residency, and then I shot several videos in NY and MD in the winter and spring. Finally, I returned to residency footage to remind myself of the beginning of the project. The residency footage that I went back to had all been discarded for this or that reason; however, I ended up using these forgotten bits to make some of my favorite videos in the group. I think I would have handled this summer footage very differently had I been editing it last September.

The newest videos are moving into different territory, visually and audially--and I'm excited about this new direction. For instance, I've been a lot more interested in the gestures that are caught on tape between planned movements. Mistakes and moments of exhaustion that are still connected to this insect-inspired choreography. I'm more interested in using sound to accentuate editing decisions, rather than exclusively to accentuate body movements. And I'm more and more excited about the textural backgrounds that sound can create to support what one is seeing.

The final video in The Timber is called Phasmid, and it is shot entirely as a shadow. You can see a 10-second clip of it here.

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