Monday, May 25, 2009

Paint fumes have made me lose knowledge.

Whew, FINALLY done painting the project space. It looks great--all murky and green and lovely and dark, even with light flooding in from the big storefront windows. All of those days of painting were a little rough, I have to admit. I was initially excited to paint, but that room was a real challenge. There are lots of old pipes and wires and strange bits and pieces stuck to the walls that I had jam foam brushes underneath and behind and between. There are lots of nooks and crannies that took lots of coaxing to turn green. But eventually the job got done, and now the fun part is beginning.

Today I set up the TVs on the stands, HD players and speakers along the periphery of the room so that when I stood in the middle of the room I was surrounded. It was TERRIBLE. The sound was overwhelming; all of the video was overwhelming; I kept feeling like I wanted to spin around and see what was behind me; I felt crowded; yuck. It was such an assault of media, and I was so be-dumbed by the many days of inhaling Deep Jungle paint fumes, that I couldn't begin to think how to fix the problem. In the middle of my fretting about the horror I had created, though, wonderful Josh Melnick popped into the project space on his way to the hardware store across the street. Bless 'im--he had all sorts of great suggestions for alternate configurations, my favorite of which was a cluster of TVs in the corner.

After shuffling the TVs around a few times, I settled on an L-shaped formation of TVs in one corner of the room. Suddenly, the space felt open and good. I could see all of the screens at once, and didn't feel like I needed to spin constantly to see what was happening. I didn't feel like I was forced to be too close to any of the monitors. It looked GOOD. Shortly after this small success, I headed home for the night, totally wiped out.

Tonight I have been programming longer black spaces between the videos, because when they are all playing at once, it is a real cacophony, and not a good one. I've got three different programs to test out tomorrow--one with 1 minute of black between each video, one with 30 seconds between, one with 40 seconds between. We figured out that with 1 minute of black between, about 1/16 of the time the screens will all be playing, and about 1/16 of the time the screens will all be black. I'm hoping that most of the time the videos will be fading in and out, giving each other some breathing room. Tomorrow I'll see how it all looks.

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