Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Le sigh.

The installation is finished, and it's funny, I feel a little melancholy. It was such a lot of work; I had paint fume headaches for a week; I have totally sprung my back muscles dragging those monitors around... but now that all of the installation craziness is done, I sort of wish it were starting all over again.

Tomorrow we'll meet with some press folks in the evening, and then Friday at 6:00 is the opening (at 79 Walker Street). If you are here in NYC, I hope you'll come! Of course I am wishing that all of my faraway Chicago friends were here to celebrate with me too. *sniff*

My sister is flying in tonight (back from her UCSD visit) at 1:00 AM, so that will alleviate some of the melancholy. I also turn to sailor songs at times like these, because who can feel sad while listening to songs about whiskey?

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