Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Installation: The Beginning!

Well, thank god for the Scotch Remedy! (Thankee, Pop, for teaching me right.) I was hoping for a second Scotch Remedy tonight, but, as I finished off our last bottle last night, I may have to settle for the Bourbon Remedy. Not quite as good, but better than nothin'.

Got moving on the installation today, mostly dealing with equipment and building monitor stands (using speaker stands from B&H with mounting hardware affixed onto them). I think they look rather nice, and they allow me to place the monitors wherever I want to in the room. I also got all of the HD equipment in place, so the videos will be super crisp!

Tomorrow the room will transform and become a very dark green, which may absorb enough of the ambient light that I won't have to deal with the windows in a big way. Or I may end up putting up a translucent fabric to cut some of the light from the room. We'll see. More to come!

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