Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Great day of installation.

Today I really tried everything in the installation space. I got suggestions from everyone I could (especially preparator Adam, who had great ideas about keeping the installation dynamic; wonderful intern Pilar, who tirelessly helped me all afternoon; and of course Josh Melnick, who has been such a comrade-in-arms throughout installation). I dragged those monitors all over the room trying to find the perfect configuration: I tried creating a cluster of screens in one corner; I tried lining them all up against one wall; I tried putting one of the monitors in a windowsill; I tried scattering them across the room facing all different directions; I tried creating a partial hexagon.

I made an effort to find something I liked about every new formation I tried, and in the end, I managed to settle on an installation that was really a culmination of all of this experimentation. I ended up creating a wide semi-circle of screens, and I adjusted the heights of the monitors so that they spiral down from tallest to shortest. I left the space feeling really happy with the way this configuration works in the space. Tonight I'll sleep on it, and I'll see how it looks in the morning.

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