Thursday, May 21, 2009

Deep Jungle.

Deep Jungle is the name of the paint color that I'm using in the project space at Art in General, and it is looking mighty good. Today we managed to get down most of the first layer of paint, and now the space, which was previously a bright white storefront, is lush, verdant and nocturnal! Even with light pouring in from the giant, lovely windows, the space feels dark and rich. I'm excited to fill it with video and sound. I think we'll be able to finish up the painting tomorrow and start to get all of the A/V equipment in place.

Tomorrow my sister will travel northward and join us for a few days before heading on a journey to San Diego to visit the UCSD law school, which is one of her options for this coming academic year. She'll stick around for Physicist's Birthday on Saturday night (don't forget to drop by and see interesting art/artists and say happy birthday to Eric!!)

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