Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back from Chicago with (more than) a little heartache.

Yesterday I got back from Chicago, where I had spent the last 4 days catching up with beloved old friends, getting to know amazing new ones, exploring my old stomping grounds, and checking out the opening of the Artists Run Chicago show at HPAC. I've felt frequent longings for Chicago since I moved out to NYC, but while I was there, it really hit home just HOW much I've missed it.

At the opening on Sunday, I saw so many people I knew, and got the oportunity to feel like I was still a part of this warm and exciting community of artists and musicians that I had fallen in love with from 2003-2007. After the opening, my lovely photographer friend Rachel Herman had some of my favorite folks over to her gorgeous apartment in Hyde Park, and I got a chance to catch up properly with friends from grad school and beyond.

It's exciting catching up with artist friends and hearing about their projects and adventures, like the recent artist-made arcade of Material Exchange; the public CTA work of Michael Dinges; the ongoing and alluringly pervy primate investigation of Alison Ruttan; David Moré's upcoming solo show at Gallery 400 (in October); Melissa Dean's journey Franceward this September; Maria Perkovic's new work and upcoming website, which I am eager to check out. I also got a chance to say hello to Jason Lazarus, whom I had wanted to meet for some time. Everyone's energy was infectious.

I flew back on Monday morning feeling entirely heartbroken. My four day trip was just long enough for me to get into of little bit of a Chicago routine, and, damn, do I miss everyone and everything in that city.

(Also, holy shit, the Olafur Eliasson show at the MCA was SUCH a knockout. I went to see it twice, it was so beautiful. They really pulled it together in a way that gave me a very different sense of his work than the split MOMA-PS1 show did. Just awesome.)

But time to be a New Yorker again (which ain't so bad, after all), and start thinking about installing The Timber at Art in General next week... yikes!

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