Friday, May 15, 2009

Physicist's Birthday on Saturday, May 23.

Attention: exotic physicist among the arty masses!

Flowers are blooming, animals are twitterpated, Eric's turning 30, and we'd really like to chat about art and physics too.
Come celebrate with us.

A small group of artists will be showing their work in my studio/apartment, including Benjamin King and Jay Henderson from HKJB NY, Timothy La Pointe, Josh Melnick, Brea Souders, Valerie Garlick and me.

When: Saturday, May 23, 9:00--whenev
Where: Julia Oldham and Eric Corwin's apartment, 19 Delevan Street, Apt 1P (F or G to Smith and 9th) Ring 1P buzzer.

Bring friends, bring drinks.
We can't wait to see you.

Julia's cell phone: 347.263.3179

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