Saturday, April 25, 2009

Younger Than Jesus.

I finally got the opportunity to see the Younger Than Jesus show at the New Museum this past Thursday. I didn't know what to expect, with so many conflicting reviews and impressions floating around, but I was REALLY excited about what I saw.

I was completely infected by Ryan Trecartin's (totally fucking insane but somehow familiar and right) installation, which features a strange, messy airplane interior and several videos starring futuristic, post-race, post-gender characters who seem to exist simultaneously in a virtual world, at a really weird house party, and in a workplace that is constantly morphing and dissolving. Here's a YouTube playlist from one of Trecartin's earlier pieces called I-BE AREA. I couldn't drag myself out of the installation--I kept finding myself sitting in one of those airplane seats, listening to more ranting from these ambiguous, compelling characters in horrid wigs with sped-up voices, speaking in a kind of sing-song beat. The installation sucked me in and assaulted me.

And I was rapt while watching the entire 30 minutes of Cyprien Gaillard's very intense Desniansky Raion, in which we get an aerial view of a scary, sprawling, housing block in Belgrade, we see huge fight clubs beat each other up in St. Petersburg, and watch a French tower block illuminated by a laser and light display before it is blown up and destroyed. The triptych is set to music by Koudlam. Here is a clip from the fight club scene--really wild.

I want to go back and see the show again, because the first time through, these two pieces totally dominated my experience. And there was a lot of great work to see. I picked up the catalogue, but not the Younger Than Jesus directory (a phone-book-like catalgue of all of the artists that were considered for the show). Maybe on my next visit, I'll grab that one too!

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