Sunday, April 26, 2009

This parasite ruined brunch for me.

Have you heard of Loa Loa, the African Eye Worm? I hadn't until about 20 minutes ago. How. Utterly. Revolting. Christie from Observations of a Nerd explains that this diabolical little parasite is spread via fly bite, and then it takes up residence in your PEEPERS. Once it has made itself at home in your eyeball, it reproduces and sends its itsy-bitsy little larva all around the body, where they cause serious immune reactions. Delightful. Eric learned from Wikipedia that the treatment for infection is either surgery and systemic treatment, or chemotherapy.

You'll notice a very reasonable comment if you read Christie's original post about the Loa Loa. Ed Yong writes:
David Attenborough mentions the African eye worm every time someone asks him about creationism. More than any other creature, it embodies to him the non-existence of a sympathetic God.
Hear, hear.

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