Thursday, April 16, 2009

Something out of nothing.

Today I went back and looked through some of the footage that I rejected from my residency in Iowa last summer. Things that are blurry, things that are boring, things that look crooked, bad compositions...

And lo and behold, I found a real diamond in the rough. I had about 40 minutes of footage in which I'm flailing crazily behind a curtain of vines and branches, and the branches are in focus, but I am not. I skimmed the footage and didn't find any segments that interested me greatly. But then I noticed, as I pulled the cursor through the footage at different speeds, that there were some beautiful parallel movements happening between my body and the vines in the foreground that could only be seen at a very high speed. When I was swaying, the vines got blown by the wind in such a way that they swayed the very same way. When I was rapidly flapping my arms, the wind picked up and made it look like I was generating a strong breeze and blowing the vines around. When I was doing spastic movements, the wind blew really hard and made the vines spastic too. I could only really see these interactions if I sped the footage up to 1000%.

So maybe something interesting could come out of this footage after all! I love these sorts of happy accidents.

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