Sunday, April 12, 2009

Late night editing.

I'm up late tonight digging through some footage I took while I was down in MD last week. I only managed to get one tape-full of movements, because I was on antibiotics while home and feeling like absolute shit from having all of my beneficial gut bacteria killed off. (Bleh!) It was a struggle even to get that one tape shot. So I figured that the footage I brought back with me would be lethargic and worthless... but as it turns out, feeling sick while performing made for a rather interesting batch of movements. It is indeed lethargic--I'm mostly lying around wriggling my fingers, slowly pulsating, growing and shrinking... There's something about these movements that makes me think of watching fungus grow in time lapse. It's kind of gross, and I like it.

For this last shoot, I was feeling under the weather enough that I didn't even want to lug my big ol' tripod down into the woods with me, so I just brought the camera and set it on the forest floor. I love the way it turned out--there's a weird sense of depth because the foreground is a blurry view of all of the crunchy leaves and soft brown pine needles that are on the ground right in the front of the camera. The shot is focused on me, and behind me is a tangle of vines, poison ivy (in fact, I GOT some poison ivy from lying on the ground--lovely), and crazy tree branches. There is some new green growth poking through the leaves and needles--I'm so glad that I'm finally getting this spring footage for the Timber project. By the time I finish this series, I will have documented a complete year of seasons.

Here are a few stills for ye.

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