Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just in case you read Portuguese...

Alfredo Melo Bento at Azores-based Gallery EA+ is curating me into a July group show at Pavilhao 28, which is a large PS1-ish exhibition space housed in a psychiatric hospital in Lisbon, Portugal. I feel very fortunate that I will have the opportunity to visit Lisbon in early July for the opening, and meet Alfredo and many of the other artists participating.

It has been great fun networking with the friendly folks of Lisbon. Via Alfredo, I also got involved in a solo screening of Balmy that is currently taking place at Espaco3, curated by Sandro Resende. It is up until April 22, just in case you happen to be in Lisbon this month!

Alfredo just got in touch with me today and sent me some links to a couple reviews/write-ups of the Balmy screening:
Julia Oldham apresenta "Balmy" no Espaço3 and Internacionalização da vídeo-arte de Julia Oldham começa por Lisboa

Very exciting! My trip to Lisbon will be July 1-4, so it will be short, but I'm sure very exciting. This will be my farthest journey for an exhibition so far, so it feels like kind of a milestone in my career!

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